Fellowships for Master’s students in Informatics in Austria


From: Bruno Buchberger, Professor of Computer Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Austria, Europe.

To:  Students of Informatics / Computer Science and Related Subjects.

Since a couple of years, I am organizing and heading a special master’s program in informatics / computer science with a couple of unique features:

–  the entire program is in English
–  the master thesis projects are on real-life projects in close cooperation with Austrian IT companies
–  the curriculum of each student is designed in order to allow specialization in the area of thesis project
–  in addition to the informatics courses,  we offer a series of courses and trainings on general skills that turn out to be more and more important for the future careers of  informatics graduates
–  the program is carried out in close cooperation with RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Compuation), the RISC Software Company, and the Softwarepark Hagenberg (a spin-off of RISC with its own start-up program)
–  we help students with administrative and personal problems and the students and graduates run their own «International Club» down-town Linz and a Graduates Network.

The general training courses include

–  Explanation Training and Formal Thinking
–  Working Techniques (giving talks, writing papers,  team work, working with companies)
–  Industrial Project Specification and Organization
–  Leadership Training
–  Modeling with Mathematical Software Systems (like Mathematica, Maple, etc.).

I am personally involved in structuring and teaching these courses, which condense my experience as a professor, research manager, and head of a technology park.

For good students, we waive tuition.  Very good students are eligible for a fellowship.

Students who are interested, are welcome to write directly to me: bruno.buchberger@risc.jku.at
with cc to our CAO, Mrs. Betina Curtis, betina.curtis@isi-hagenberg.at.

More information at: www.isi-hagenberg.at, www.risc.jku.at, www.risc-software.at/en, www.jku.at, www.international-graduates-club.at.

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