Postdoc position TU Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin has an opening for a three year postdoc position in mathematics (salary grade E13) starting in 2017. The successful candidate will be part of Berlin Mathematical School and conduct independent research in the Berlin based team of Prof. Felipe Cucker (CityU Hong Kong) and Prof. Peter Burgisser (TU Berlin). The postdoc position is funded by Professor Cucker’s Einstein Visiting Fellowship «Complexity and accuracy of numerical algorithms in algebra and geometry» and does not involve teaching duties.

We are seeking a postdoc who has already done successful research in one of the areas of complexity theory, applied algebraic geometry, complexity and accuracy of numerical algorithms, and ideally wishes to continue to work in the intersection of these subjects.

Berlin has an abundance of activitities in all areas of mathematics, fostered by the three Berlin Universities (FU, HU, TU), the research centers ECMath, Matheon, WIAS and several collaborative research centers. The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) is a joint graduate school of the mathematics departments of FU, TU and HU, with over 200 students and funded by the German Excellence Initiative. There are plenty of possibilities for collaboration and interaction with other scientists. Moreover, Berlin is an attractive and lively world city.

See the press release. For further information please contact Prof. Cucker or
Prof. Burgisser.

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