Seven PhD student positions in Mathematics and Computer Science

The Research Training Group Facets of Complexity has currently opened seven Ph.D. positions to start in September 2018. The Ph.D. students will become members of the group with a salary according to their age, marital status, children, etc.

The group involves researchers from Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. It started on April 1, 2018, and will run for 4.5 years. It is mainly focused on the study of complexity, a central topic both in mathematics and computer science. It appears as

  • combinatorial complexity (number) of mathematical structures;
  • description complexity (encoding or visualizing a structure succinctly); and
  • algorithmic complexity (running time, storage, etc.).

These approaches interwoven so significant new insights can be obtained by combining several viewpoints. The group integrates several aspects or facets of complexity into a unified research and training program.

Applicants should have an M.Sc. degree or equivalent in Mathematics or Computer Science. Applications should be sent by email before July 9th to the coordinator of the program:

  • Ita Brunke
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Informatik, Takustr.
  • 9, 14195 Berlin, Germany
  • Tel.: +49 30-838 75 103
  • E-mail:

More information in the original announcement.

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